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Case Study

The Challenge

ZWA is a Chicago based Interior & architecture design firm who specializes in architectural development and implementation with a focus on creating superior, cost effective environments. ZWA tasked Bizop to showcase their latest projects including the Gibsons Italia, Chicago’s highest-grossing independent restaurant, in an engaging and awareness driven email marketing campaign.

The Solution

Bizop, in conjunction ZWA and SSR Digital Group came together to figure out the best way to incorporate ZWA’s long history of luxury design & building for the hospitality industry into a powerful email marketing campaign.

The Bizop team tackled the issue by strategizing and creating custom emails designed around their luxury brand, as well as managing development, implementation, and publishing of the campaign. The newsletters consisted of A/B tested subject lines, a mini-case study, and a comprehensive list of ZWA’s company offerings.

The Result

As a result, this email marketing campaign successfully achieved an average 33.3% open rate and a 12.3% click-through rate– which is 11% and 9% over the industry standard, respectively.

Readers enjoyed the personal touch of an exclusive sneak peak of the project– helping ZWA increase the brand awareness around the project and their extensive offerings.

“ Bizop’s technical skills are A++ and they are able to simplify even the most complex problems. Alex and Nathan really are the complete dynamic Bizop duo. I’ve worked with them on getting gorgeous designs and development for my clients and they over achieve my expectations every time. “

Stacie Sussman – Chief Executive Officer, SSR Digital Group

Content Examples:

ZWA Email Campaign Developed by Bizop Media
ZWA Email Campaign Developed by Bizop Media