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Website Design / Development Case Study

The Challenge

Launched in 2013, LUXVT provides marketing technology for thousands of upscale and luxury real estate professionals, offices and franchises throughout North America. Headquartered in San Diego, California, their partners are located throughout the country and include a range of agents, brokers, and developers. LUXVT needed help making it easier to find real estate agents for luxury upscale listings, as well as how to best allow agents to join the directory through the LUXVT website so they could be easily discovered.

The Solution

Implementing an integrated digital strategy for LUXVT, Bizop created a custom WordPress theme for LUXVT’s website that included a seamless agent directory. The directory was made to be searchable and link to each agent through an updated UX design. Bizop also redesigned LUXVT’s interface to create an information and visual hierarchy that directed users to the features they needed most in the directory.

The Result

LUXVT implemented a fully customizable WordPress theme with the directory, pages, a custom blog, and custom branded content blocks. The new agent directory has allowed buyers, sellers and other partners to find agents quickly while providing those searching for agents with the most information in an intuitive format. There is a new listing screen, agent dashboard, homepage directory, listing geo-search, and single listing pages. Agents can now sign up in a straight-forward way, and the project has drastically improved the support and management processes of LUXVT’s Agent Directory.

” Bizop was extremely responsive and understands multiple parts of the process from design to coding dev to marketing. The outcome has been extremely positive- our agent landing pages look great and are very impressive to sellers. Also the customization factor has been extremely successful. As someone who is not technically adept myself with code, it is awesome to be able to make changes to the landing pages without jumping in. The leadership was extremely responsive and comprehensive in their knowledge. They’re a team that can really deliver. “

Cheryl Barr – Marketing Director, LUXVT

Directory Examples:

LUXVT Real Estate Directory – Designed & Developed by Bizop Media
LUXVT Real Estate Directory – Designed & Developed by Bizop Media
LUXVT Real Estate Directory – Designed & Developed by Bizop Media