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Case Study

The Challenge

KLEIN has been providing architects and designers with high quality and elegant interior sliding door systems since 1931. With a focus on quality, attention to detail, and an unwavering commitment to excellence, it’s no surprise that KLEIN has grown from its origins in Barcelona to distribute sliding door systems to over 60 countries worldwide today.

Bringing European design quality to the US was KLEIN’s mission starting in 2007. With an amazing product, but little experience navigating the US architecture market, KLEIN reached out to Bizop to create a well rounded and results-focused marketing strategy to increase brand awareness and interest generated from its digital marketing initiatives.

The Solution

The Bizop team saw that the most promising approach for KLEIN was to focus attention on a comprehensive content marketing strategy to give architects and designers in the US exposure to the brand and its products.  

The strategy combined the creation of blog posts and other content designed to establish KLEIN’s brand and authority with social marketing, email marketing, and search engine optimization to maximize the reach and impact of that content. 

A key part of any content marketing effort is consistency over time. Accordingly, Bizop has continued to partner with Klein to produce fresh content and actively connect with its target audience. 

Scope included:
  • Content strategy: including keyword research, search engine optimization, targeted monthly blog, and earned guest posting
  • Social strategy: for sharing content and connecting with their audience on Instagram and LinkedIn
  • Email strategy: involving a custom email written, designed, developed, and managed once a month
  • Tracking & Analysis: monitoring performance to ensure efforts are results-driven

The Result

Over the course of the first 12 months partnering with Bizop, KLEIN saw significant improvement of key metrics such as total website traffic and leads generated from digital campaigns.

To date the ongoing campaigns and optimizations have resulted in:

  • 24% increase in total leads generated year over year
  • 19% Increase in revenue estimated
  • 810% Increase in organic search traffic
  • 93% Increase in organic social traffic
  • Email open rate average 38% (industry average 22.5%)
  • Email click through rate average 10% (industry average 2.5%)
  • Estimated marketing ROI of 1805%

These numbers illustrate the power of creating great content and promoting it in a carefully planned and consistent manner. If you’d like to explore how Bizop can help your business grow through content marketing, get in touch today.

“ Working with Bizop has been a great experience, not just for their high level of service (always available, prompt responses), but for their professionalism and good attitude receiving positively all requests and feedback. Bizop made us feel we have an expert and partner backing us up and their commitment to results make us believe in their commitment to us. “

Andrés Castillo – Marketing Director, Klein USA
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