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Branding / Web Design Case Study

The Challenge

For over 30 years, Allseating has designed and manufactured a diverse range of award-winning seating solutions to support workers anytime, anyplace and anywhere. Looking to match the quality of their online brand with the quality of their product, Allseating reached out to the team at Bizop to design a website for the next decade.

With thousands of products across dozens of product categories, Allseating was looking for a way to combine a traditional e-commerce experience with a forward thinking specification and inspiration tool for designers.

The Solution

Over the course of several months, the Bizop and Allseating teams worked together to create a clean, modern, and robust website design that fulfilled all of the features and Allseating client needs.

In addition to designing a traditional ecommerce experience, the Bizop team created a built-in resource portal application, allowing customers to browse, search, filter, and save products and information directly from the product pages for future reference and use.

Scope included:
• Design Strategy & Planning: Including feature & wireframe development
• Website Design Mockups: Including mobile and desktop mockups
• Design System Development: Including component & sections system

The Result

The final website design resulted in dozens of unique website page and application page templates of the highest quality, in both mobile and desktop capable forms, as well as a complete design system for Allseating to use and expand upon for all future designs.

The final result allows the Allseating team to create, modify, and expand their website design with ease, all while maintaining a precise brand across all web pages.

Bizop took on this project with a heightened sense of pride (as I could only assume they do with every project). Rather than simply taking information and executing, they took everything one step further… by taking a step back.

They put themselves in the users point of view and were able to provide insight and improvements to our requests. The Bizop Team was extremely responsive and organized and ensured the project was executed above and beyond.

Stephanie Smith – Marketing Director, Allseating

Website Design Examples:

Allseating Design System – Component Examples