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How Web Design Can Put You at the Top of the Interior Design Industry

Are you an interior designer looking to boost online visibility? Whether you already have a website that needs upgrading or you need a brand new one, web design is crucial in gaining authority and trust online.

Bad web design sends the message that you don’t want to invest in your own company. It tells potential customers that you won’t bother with their design needs as well, even though this might not be true for you.

Here are a few of the most important ways professional web design can put you on top of mind with your clients and customers.

Why Is Good Web Design Important for Interior Designers?

Good web design and development is one of the building blocks of online success for interior designers. This is because most customers will look for your company online before they even interact with you. They’ll visit your website, see what you have to offer, and make a decision based on that impression.

To maximize your conversions and make sure you’re not losing customers, your website design should be your top priority. Keep reading below to discover what steps you need to take to make your website modern and user-friendly.

Make Your Website User-Friendly

Having a user-friendly website shows visitors that you care for their needs and time. You should make their experiences seamless by making your website easy to navigate. The user needs to be able to find everything in just a few clicks rather than scrolling endlessly looking for content.

If the visitor doesn’t find what they need in the first 10 seconds, they’ll exit your website. This will increase your bounce rate and search engines will rank your website lower. You can learn how to improve the site’s bounce rate in this article.

Optimize your website for disabled visitors as well, and if possible, translate it into a few other languages. Even your portfolio should be user-friendly and set up in a fast-loading gallery. Another important feature of user-friendly websites is optimization for mobile devices.

Keep the Design Minimalistic

Your business website is an extension of your company. It’s like an online business card or brochure that helps customers decide if they want to work with you. This is why when they visit your website, they shouldn’t feel overwhelmed or attacked with a million pop-ups, videos, and colors.

Start by planning your website from start to finish. Keep the web design sleek, simple, and minimalistic. Only add the information that’s important and make the website light, fast-loading, and easy to get around.

Build a Branded Website

Your website should reflect the branding elements of your company. These include your company logo, color palette, fonts, and other unique branded features. Keep the branding coherent throughout the entire website. This is important for customers to remember your brand and recognize it online among your competitors.

Having a branded website is one of the best ways to build brand awareness and authority in your niche. Also, pay attention to other brand elements like brand voice, brand identity, and customer service. Everything you post on your website and all the different ways you communicate with customers are all branding, so keep it consistent on all channels.

Plan Your Content

Small business web design for interior designers is more than just photos and galleries. It’s also about other relevant content like blog posts, videos, tips, quizzes, and anything that’ll keep the visitors on your website.

The longer they stay on your website, the higher the search engines will rank it. The more useful content you post, the more visitors will return for more. Add a separate blog page for your articles and plan the topics in advance.

Make Your Website Responsive

When creating a website, you need to make sure it’s mobile-friendly and responsive to different devices. Most people browse the internet from their smartphones, so if you want them to stay on your website, it needs to be fully optimized for mobile devices.

You can check if your website is mobile-friendly if you try to open it from a few different mobile phones and tablets. If you want to see where the issues are, use Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test.

Create Image Galleries

As an interior designer, your photos are your portfolio. Your website should have images of your best work put together in an easy-to-navigate gallery. Bear in mind that images might slow down your website, so make sure to optimize them before attaching them to the website.

Put the gallery page on the main menu so visitors can access it easily. Add a contact form or button on the gallery page so they can get in touch without even leaving the page. Double-check if all images are good quality and loading fast. Customers shouldn’t wait for an image to load longer than a few seconds.

Add a Contact Page

Contact pages are often overlooked when it comes to web design, but they can boost conversions and generate tons of leads. Don’t skip adding a contact page or a contact form on your website where clients can get in touch with any questions.

This shows them you’re serious about their needs and that you’re easy to reach. You can also add your social media channels in the website footer or sidebar. If you want to offer free quotes, add a few more fields in the contact form that’ll allow visitors to explain their needs, budget, and vision. This will show them you’re dedicated to making them happy and figuring out the best solution for their needs.

Ready for a New, Modern Web Design for Your Business?

If you’re an interior designer looking to gain more online visibility and attract new clients, changing and improving your web design is the first step. When clients look for your company online, you need to make a good first impression to get them interested.

Looking to grow your company? We’re ready to help build your company’s dream website and propel your business to success. Contact us today and someone from our team will get in touch soon.

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Nathan is a Bizop co-founder and marketing director who specializes in marketing consultation, creative strategy, and web project direction.

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